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"Bromley Conservatoire academically prepares children for the competitive 7+ exams."

"Bromley Conservatoire academically prepares children for the competitive 7+ exams."

We challenge children to perform at a higher level.

Our 7 plus tuition is for students looking to enter an independent prep school in year 3. Often schools are looking for children that have surpassed their expected level and this is where we come in. We stretch and challenge students to perform at the best of their ability so they can reach their full potential.

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What is the 7 Plus?

What is the 7 Plus?

The 7+ entrance exam is administered by an increasing number of top schools, both within and outside London, to help them select students for entry into Year 3. Students sit the exam between November and January of Year 2, though the exact dates vary depending on the school.


What does 7+ involve?

7+ entry tests vary between schools. Children are generally instructed to complete Maths and English tests, and in some cases, a reasoning test. These tests tend to be quite short (approx. 30 mins) and are held at the school on a set date. They may be written or computer-based papers, or observed activities.

In some cases, children take an initial assessment a few months before the entrance exam. This is used to determine whether they are of the right standard to go ahead and take the formal exam.

Call Us: 020 3325 1841

We can help your child succeed.

Below are the ares that we focus on with your child to ensure that they are ready for their exam day. Not every school tests every subject so we tailor 7+ tuition to the requirements of the schools you are applying for.

7+ English
7+ Maths
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Tailored 7 plus tuition for your chosen school.

Below is a list of the most popular prep schools. We can tailor tuition to the examination requirements of these schools.

We find out what subjects the school's 7+ entry exams cover and tailor our tuition to those subjects.
The Grange School
Bute House
City of London School for Girls
Westminster Under School
King's College School, Wimbledon
Latymer Prep
Solihull School
Thomas' Schools
South Hampstead High School
University College School
Putney High School
St. Helen's School
Surbiton High School
Milbourne Lodge School
The Haberdashers' Aske's School
Manchester Grammar School
North London Collegiate School
Chigwell School
Bancroft's School
Dulwich College
Dulwich Prep
James Allen's Girls' School
Alleyn's School
Magdalen College School
Lady Eleanor Holles School
Highgate School
Wimbledon High School
Woodford Green Prep School
St. Paul's Juniors (formerly Colet Court)
The Perse School
Forest School
Berkhamstead School
Ashford School
Edge Grove
Orley Farm School
Quainton Hall
Westminster Cathedral Choir School
University College School
St. George's, Weybridge
Eaton House Schools
Shrewsbury House
Exeter School

How does it work?


Complete the enquiry form; found below. Ensure you include your availability, student details, level, tuition type and any other details you feel are relevant. We will get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

Initial Assessment and Consultation

Once we have received your enquiry and discussed it with you, we will arrange a time for your child to come into our centre and undertake an assessment to see what level they are at. We will then meet with you to discuss our findings and develop a learning plan tailored to your child.

Session and Student Matching

Once we have discussed it with you, we will assign you a session time and a teacher. Whilst we will always try our best to assign you the session time that you requested, this cannot always be accommodated.


Now that you have your child's: session time, learning plan and teacher match, you will need to provide a payment for the first half term. You are then ready to go! Your teacher will examine your child's learning plan to tailor tuition to them.

We really can't wait to meet you!

All tutoring is individual and in-person within a group context of no more than 5 students.

  • Free initial assessment (subject to signing up).
  • Weekly digital progress update to parents.
  • A wide variety of online and paper-based tasks and activities.
  • Highly-experienced, DBS-checked teachers.
  • Personalised learning plan.
  • Regular assessments.

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