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"Bromley Conservatoire fully supports children up to and through their 11 plus exams."

"Bromley Conservatoire fully supports children up to and through their 11 plus exams."

We perfect speed, technique and accuracy.

When preparing your child for the 11 plus exam, we go beyond just teaching them to the test. We also focus on additional techniques such as: time management, answer accuracy, answer-checking procedures and exam etiquette.

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What is the 11 Plus?

What is the 11 Plus?

The 11 plus test is a selective entrance exam for secondary school.
It is used by grammar schools and independent schools to identify academic ability and potential.
Children usually take it at the start of Year 6.

11 Plus Exam Boards

11 Plus Exam Boards


  • Originally developed by the University of Durham to discourage ‘teaching to the test’

  • Covers verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning

  • CEM papers are mixed, with one exam combining English and verbal reasoning and another combining maths and non-verbal reasoning. Standard Format, Multiple Choice, or a combination may be used.

  • Timings are allocated to each section, and children will need to carefully manage their time. There will typically be more questions than are likely to be answered in the time allocated.

GL Assessment

  • Used in the majority of grammar schools in the UK.

  • Covers English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning / Spatial Awareness.

  • Schools can choose any combination of these subjects to best suit their selection policy.

  • Most exam papers are either Standard Format (where answers are written in spaces next to the question) or Multiple Choice (where answers are marked in a separate answer book).

  • The length of test papers can vary, although 45 minutes is the most common exam time.

We offer everything your child needs.

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Tailored 11 plus tuition for your dream school.

We work with you and our tutors to ensure your child is prepared for the entry exams of the schools you are applying for. Although the 11+ is similar across schools, some super-selective schools have additional exams.

We offer tailored tuition for the schools below and many more.

The 11 Plus Timeline

Pre-Year 4

We introduce and develop the foundation skills your child needs to succeed in the 11 plus.

  • Tailored, individual tuition.
  • Core Maths and English skills.
  • Pushing children outside of their comfort zone.
  • Developing a good learning attitude.

Year 4

We introduce exam-style content and consistently practice.

  • Intro to exam-style questions and content.
  • Facing new concepts and challenges head-on.
  • Developing the courage to learn, improve and succeed.
  • Start informing children of how to act in exams.

Year 5

We bring children up to and beyond the level needed to pass the 11 plus exam.

  • In-depth Maths and English.
  • Exam technique & question recognition.
  • Answer accuracy and time management.
  • Cultivating good exam attitude.

Year 5: September

Visit some schools and decide which you would be comfortable sending your child to. If you are working on revision at home, now is the time to create a 12 month revision plan.

Year 6

With the 11 Plus exam over, we now encourage your child to look to the future and get ready to excel at secondary school.

  • Preparation for SATs
  • Development of KS2 skills.
  • Preparation for a secondary school classroom environment.
  • Confidence in independent learning.

Year 6: September

The 11 Plus exam will likely take place around this time. Make sure you know the date, time and location.

Year 6: October

Results are issued!

If your child has passed, congratulations! You can now list grammar schools in order of preference.

If you do not pass, do not panic. You still have many options including: reputable non-selective schools, independent schools or appealing your child's 11 plus result.

Year 6: March

It is National Offers Day. You will be told if your child has secured a spot in your first-choice school.

How does it work?


Complete the enquiry form; found below. Ensure you include your availability, student details, level, tuition type and any other details you feel are relevant. We will get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

Initial Assessment and Consultation

Once we have received your enquiry and discussed it with you, we will arrange a time for your child to come into our centre and undertake an assessment to see what level they are at. We will then meet with you to discuss our findings and develop a learning plan tailored to your child.

Session and Student Matching

Once we have discussed it with you, we will assign you a session time and a teacher. Whilst we will always try our best to assign you the session time that you requested, this cannot always be accommodated.


Now that you have your child's: session time, learning plan and teacher match, you will need to provide a payment for the first half term. You are then ready to go! Your teacher will examine your child's learning plan to tailor tuition to them.

We really can't wait to meet you!

All tutoring is individual and in-person within a group context of no more than 5 students.

  • Free initial assessment (subject to signing up).
  • Weekly digital progress update to parents.
  • A wide variety of online and paper-based tasks and activities.
  • Highly-experienced, DBS-checked teachers.
  • Personalised learning plan.
  • Regular assessments.

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